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Teachings » Being Moved By Spirit

We can think of Spirit as the infinite love and intelligence orchestrating the cosmic unfoldment.

As we view life from a less attached perspective we recognize that what may appear as coincidence is actually a synchronicity which is orchestrated by this infinite intelligence.

However there is often a basic distrust in the ways of spirit and a greater trust in what we think to be the best action. This is another way for the ego or mind to attempt to stay in control. The “distrust” comes from the ego. So we move as the mind directs us, instead of as spirit moves us.

It is like attempting to paddle up a fast flowing river. We can paddle against the current as hard as we want, but the river will take us where it is going one way or the other. All of this energy and effort put into resistance could have been saved and the ride could have been enjoyed.

With awareness and maturity we recognize and surrender more to Spirit.

A great place to begin practicing this surrender is in meditation. Instead of "you" doing the meditation, you can let Spirit do the meditation. Allow the infinite intelligence to have this time.

The infinite intelligence will move through, bring into awareness, heal, and support peace much better than your planned meditation ever could.

Because meditation is more of a time of silence, you will also get to know the infinite intelligence better. Eventually you will recognize that you are getting to know yourself, that infinite intelligence.

Surrender is an important aspect in "being moved by spirit." We need to let go. Allow the fast flowing river to have us. As we recognize we live in a supportive universe it becomes easier and easier to surrender.

Also, as we recognize how the ego operates, we see how it attempts to stay in control, as it resists spirit. Part of this is the patterning of the ego. There are many beliefs, attachments and aversions that push and pull us in one direction or another. Overcoming these tendencies is part of letting go.

So give yourself more and more to Spirit, the infinite intelligence.

Allow. Surrender. Get to know your true nature.

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