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Teachings Ľ What is between thoughts?

Thoughts are incessant. However, there are always moments between thoughts.

What is between your thoughts?

I don't care what you THINK is between thoughts.

What IS between thoughts?

It might be described as a sweet nectar, or presence or peace or spaciousness or pure consciousness.

As you keep checking, you can realize this presence is always there, between your thoughts. You see that thoughts and emotions come and go, but the presence is always there.

And as we continue to recognize the presence, it continues to permeate our lives more and more as it rises from the depths to the surface. It is like the stillness of the depths of the ocean rising up to the surface creating that calm and glassy surface. Now the smallest wind is recognized. There is a profound sensitivity. And with this sensitivity there is a conscious recognition of the peace, love, bliss and happiness that we naturally are.

We always have this simple gateway to self-recognition, as we notice what is between our thoughts.

We may have been taught that our thoughts are what we should pay attention to. And the silence is of no value. Letís turn that notion on its head. Letís recognize that most thoughts are of little value. And consciously existing with awareness of our true divine nature is of great value. Here we find that love, peace, happiness, clarity and creativity arise naturally and effortlessly. And we see that the mental suffering we inflict upon ourselves disappears.

It is simply a choice to give attention to what is between the thoughts. After some time, that which is between the thoughts will be recognized as being present with or without thoughts.

Know also that anybody that has thoughts can recognize what is between thoughts. It is only a matter of paying attention to the stillness between the thoughts and seeing what is present. At first this presence may be subtle, but it is unavoidable. Simply notice what is paying attention when you are not thinking. Everyone has this consciousness or awareness. And this noticing what is between thoughts is consciousness seeing itself. This is Self-recognition which blossoms into Self-realization.

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