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Teachings » Comparison: More Mind Games

The mind loves to compare.

Of course this is useful sometimes, but usually comparison is not healthy.

Comparison is useful when we are offered a choice. For example, when you are asked "Do you want soup or salad with your dinner?" You need to weigh the pros and cons and make a decision.

Where people do a lot of comparing is when they are judging the moment. For example, someone may note what a beautiful tropical beach they are at, and then immediately comment on how the beach in Fiji was even nicer.

Usually the comparison creates a sense of dissatisfaction. It is another way for the mind playing games and stay in control.

What if you give up the usual unnecessary comparisons? Then you could enjoy the moment much more fully. And in a greater sense, you could enjoy your life more.

First of all, the comparisons wouldn’t be diminishing the moment. And most importantly, the mind would not be focus of attention.

And when the mind isn't the focus of attention, awareness can only enjoy in peace and love.

Check and see for yourself. See that the less the mind's games are entertained, the more that peace and happiness emanate from you naturally and effortlessly and begin to permeate your life.

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