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Teachings Ľ Confirmation of True Identity

An essential aspect of awakening is knowing your true nature without any doubt.

The doubt leads to questioning. The questioning leads to reidentification with our limited lives and inherent suffering.

Because the silent awareness is subtle at first, we can doubt its absolute presence. The mind is very active as it constantly questions in an attempt find something concrete. So doubt, even after clear recognition, is very common. Thus reidentification with a story about a life is very common. So how can we move past this doubt?

From what we have heard or read we may have a belief that there is a grand moment when we suddenly know our true nature without doubt. This may have happened to some, but this is not necessary.

Knowing without any doubt comes from multiple confirming moments, when we recognize our true nature independent of our circumstances. We recognize the unchanging presence when we are healthy or sick, happy or sad, tired or refreshed. We recognize this constant presence. This regular testing following the initial recognition of our true self solidifies our knowledge of our true nature.

We recognize how the silent awareness is untouched by sadness or happiness. It is not sad or happy. It cannot be tired or ill or agitated. It is. Always the same. And when this is repeatedly acknowledged, a transformation unfolds from the core of your being.

Knowing without any doubt transforms one's identity from limited, vulnerable and subject to change to the universal identity, free from change, from circumstances and from the world.

And this knowing without doubt allows all the other moments of identification with a life or a story to diminish. Moments of identification with life will arise, but they canít take root the way they used to. You can no longer believe in the story when the suffering begins.

It is like when we dream, and think the dream is absolutely real. We also take the stories about our lives as absolutely real. However, when we totally identify with our true nature, we no longer consider the dream or the story to be real. It is like the movie on the screen. We can enjoy the movie and get involved in the movie, but it no longer has any permanent hold on our lives.

This is the great value of the essential process of multiple confirmations of our true nature following the initial recognition of Self. All doubt is eliminated. And the stories which arise are recognized as stories all happening from and within our permanent, true nature.

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