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Teachings Going Beyond the Need to Understand

The need to understand is the mind's need. It is not your need. It is fine to understand things. But the need to understand often becomes an obstacle and a distraction.

The "Why?" or "How?" that the mind asks usually supports the mind's useless spinning. The answers that the mind comes up with may give some feeling of security, but is it worth a false belief? Is it worth separating ourselves from what is true and real?

When we step back, we see that the mind could never answer the question. The universe works in mysterious ways. The universe actually draws experiences to you according to your energetic patterns. If you continually think about something, the universe will give you experiences to support these thoughts. "I am a victim" will give people victim experiences. And even deeper than that, the universe will give experiences to activate deep seated, unconscious patterns.

Consider a loss of a cherished relationship for example. The questions arise; "Why did it happen?" and "How did it happen?" It is okay of course to give these questions a few moments, but we really cannot know why. There is a greater symphony at work here.

So what can be done when the mind asks "why?" or "how?"

First, recognize the futility of the questions. Honor your peace and your time. The questions simply don't deserve your attention. Do we want sweetness of life when the mind is still or the contraction and distraction associated with the spinning mind?

Second, feel free to investigate the experience with consciousness. You can put your attention on the feelings (without engaging thought). It is likely that the experience did arise from within you. You created the experience. Investigate the source without engaging in thought.

Now this is cleaning house!

The spinning mind feeds emotions which become seated in the body. This is creating a messy house. For most of us the mind has done a lot of spinning and created a mess. Once we awaken, we create less and less mess and have the awareness and knowledge to clean up the mess we created.

And we can trust that the universe will assist in making the patterns within known to us. This is part of living in the light. The more we recognize and nurture self-awareness, the more the inharmonious energies will bubble to the surface to be purified in the light. It only takes our willingness to restrain from thought and give our attention (awareness) to whatever arises.

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