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Teachings The Letter that changed it all

The following letter was read by Gangaji at the beginning of the 2001 Ashland Intensive on the morning of my 33rd birthday.

The student writes,
"Gangaji, last night you talked about recognition of various thought/feeling patterns or constellations that usually occupy our mind. And you mentioned that in the recognition, now, of these thought feeling patterns of which we are identified, the light of consciousness can actually meet this place, and then there is a dissolution of the pattern and what remains is space. You then said that this space is intelligence. Right then I received a hit, an insight, that opened my eyes. In the past my mind had often bulldozed over this place in my consciousness, classifying it as simply space, emptiness or nothing. These are important words, but words that have a slight negative connotation, but last night you illuminated this space of nothing, emptiness, space, for me, by referring to it as intelligence. I went on to realize that this intelligence is what is also referred to as the witness. It is the witness of our thought feeling constellations, if we identify with the constellations, then there is suffering, if we recognize the intelligence that is the witness of these constellations, then there is peace or emptiness or nothing. which is another way of saying that then there is simply the presence of miraculous intelligence. Intelligence, by witnessing these constellations is actually free of them, thus this intelligence is freedom from suffering, it is freedom itself. The deepest expression or language of this intelligence is compassion, love, beauty, joy and peace."

For some unknown reason, this idea of bulldozing over "something" struck me to the core. I stopped "bulldozing". I stopped. I noticed what is. I noticed pure consciousness. And for the remainder of the weekend intensive I continued to notice this pure and powerful source that I had "bulldozed" over during my years of searching. The bulldozing stopped. The searching stopped, and the deepening into pure, vast consciousness began.

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