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Love is. It is before, during and after. Love permeates all of creation, all of time and space. It is the ever-present hand of God.

We actually do not need to try to love or try to forgive. Loving and forgiving are as natural as breathing once we "get out of the way."

When the ego gets out of the way, love naturally shines forth. It shines on and heals the individual and all of creation.

So love is blocked by the ego that is thought patterns and emotional patterns which actually feed each other. For example, a feeling of loss creates a thought pattern of loss which deepens the feeling of loss and so on.

When we gain greater understanding of the nature of ego, we can continually make the choice to not play this cyclic game. Also, the more we step out of the ego and into our inner peace, the more we can see the working of the ego and consciously choose to not get involved in the cycle.

This begins an unwinding, allowing the light of love to shine through one’s life more and more.

A couple other related words that help with allowing love to shine through are allowing and accepting. Of course, it is mental and emotional patterning which move us to deny and reject. So we can recognize when we reject something in the moment and simply allow. Patterning can be so strong that allowing can be very difficult at times, but know that it will get easier and easier.

It can also be useful to consciously investigate the source of the rejecting. Consciously bringing awareness into this deep seated fear can accelerate the dissolution of the pattern. There is no need to do anything with the rejecting energy. It is like simply hugging a friend in pain, as we are just pay attention to the energy without judging in any way. This pure awareness which is paying attention is actually pure love shining on and healing an inner wound.

So give yourself to this unwinding of the ego, and open to more allowing, and see that love is inherent in every moment.

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