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Teachings Mind

Where is the root of misidentification?

Why do we believe we are the body, mind, emotions and past experiences?

We believe it because we think it.

And we strongly believe in what we think. It is common to argue who is right or wrong. This is the nature of ego or the mental-emotional aspect of humans. Egos need to be right and they will go to battle to prove it.

Part of awakening is realizing the complete inability of the mind to truly grasp what is. The mind is always acknowledged as being useful, but only up to a point. Once we realize this we do not go to battle for what the mind believes.

This softening of the mind or ego greatly benefits relationships. You realize that all mental constructs are based on experience and interpretation. And everybody has different experiences and interpretations! So right and wrong loses all meaning.

With the softening of the mind, it becomes a servant to your life instead of you being a servant to the mind. You no longer act according to what your past experiences make you think and feel. There is a peace, joy and harmony which becomes a bigger part of creation of your actions.

The ego will continue to poke its head up, but it won't have the power to overtake your actions. Ekhart Tolle speaks of the "pain body". This is a collection of past experiences which has an emotional and mental component which is activated by certain situations. However, as we identify more with the always-accessible, infinite peace at our core, and become more observant of the ego's nature, these "pain body" episodes fall away. "Darkness" cannot live in the light of consciousness. Remain aware and darkness will be removed.

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