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Teachings » Monkey Mind

In India they call a "weak mind", a mind which jumps around all the time. It has also been called "monkey mind" because the mind jumps around from thought to thought like a monkey jumps around from branch to branch. A weak mind is like an untamed horse. It is wild and unpredictable. The strong mind can utilize the great power of mind when it is needed, but the mind is tame and doesn’t wander off needlessly.

The mind naturally has a momentum. It is similar to a fly wheel. As we put more attention on thought, the mind spins faster and faster, and has less tendency to stop and be still. This momentum keeps attention on thoughts which diminishes the experience our inherent peace and happiness

Although the strength or stillness of a mind has nothing to do with intelligence, it does often correspond to success. Successful people often have strong minds. They don’t let their minds wander. They keep their mind and their attention focused on the task at hand. Of course, successful doesn’t mean being self-aware. It can correspond to a successful business man or a professional athlete, for example. However, if the task at hand is self-awareness, the strong mind is a great asset.

Meditation is one way we can develop a strong mind. It can be useful for the business person, the pro athlete or someone interested in deepening in self-awareness. Meditation is time spent nurturing a still mind. It is time spent slowing the momentum of the spinning mind.

After awakening, the mind naturally calms in the light of conscious awareness. The sweetness of a still mind is so great compared to needless mental activity, so attention is directed inward on the source more often and the mind is allowed to rest. There is simply less interest in mental games. And the more time the mind rests, the more it looses its momentum. The mind is still completely capable when called upon. Actually, the strong, calm mind will be able to focus more and accomplish tasks with greater clarity, efficiency and precision.

So recognize that the mind spins as it jumps from thought to thought. And have faith that as the mind is allowed to rest through meditation and self-awareness, the spinning will slow down. And eventually still mind will be as accessible as a breath of fresh air.

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