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Teachings Ľ Blessings of a Permanent Foundation

A hallmark of your true nature is its consistency.

This absolute presence is untouched by any external situation
whether you are happy or sad, healthy or ill, active or still.

When you recognize the constant and unchanging presence within, you will always have access to a great foundation to carry you through life's challenges.

The benefits of this foundation cannot be emphasized enough. It is easy to be swept away by the mind and the emotions. The mind can grab onto something and relentlessly play the story over and over and over. The emotions can become turbulent like a raging river as we are swept away by various feelings.

And although a repeated story or an emotional release may be a blessing themselves, they can often become damaging and debilitating if they are allowed to carry on for too long. This is where the immensity of the blessing of a permanent foundation is seen the most.

Once we recognize and know the presence within, we always have the choice to turn to it or not. We can always turn our attention to our true nature. This is the sanctuary from the storm. And as we turn our attention to the refuge, we allow the storm to dissipate.

When we stop feeding the storm with our attention, and put our awareness on the silent presence of peace and love at our core, the storm dissipates and we find ourselves in the calm clear day with the bright shining sun.

For those who have recognized it, the silent awareness is the bridge over troubled waters, that solid rock, the foundation which we can always turn to in difficult times. Instead of churning up the waters, we always have an option to rest in the clarity of peace and stillness.

For those who donít recognize the peace within, the mind and emotions will take them on some very difficult rides. For those who do recognize this blessed foundation, they will always have a great refuge. Actually, we are this great refuge, this blessed refuge from suffering.

Make the choice to consciously take refuge in your true nature,
and see how the relentlessness of the mind and turbulence of the emotions are no match
for this infinite, ever-present peace that you are.

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