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Teachings Sat Chit Ananda

Sat Chit Ananda is a beautiful pointer to our true nature.

It is usually translated as Sat meaning Truth, Existence or Pure Being, Chit meaning Consciousness and Ananda meaning Bliss.

Sat Chit Ananda can be a single word describing being awake. And we can also have a better understanding and confirmation of awakening as we look at the three aspects individually.

Truth, Existence or Pure Being is an absolute. Sat is what always remains regardless of time or situation. When we awaken, we constantly recognize Pure Being. We are consciously aware of Pure Being as our true nature, the core and foundation of all life.

Consciousness is the first manifestation of our true nature. It is streaming from all of creation. When consciousness becomes conscious of itself, it is like looking in the mirror at your own eyes or looking into the eyes of another. There is a simple and deep recognition of the absolute as your self and in everything else.

Amazingly, consciousness is often not aware of itself. It is usually the mind's distractions which keep consciousness from being "self-aware." However, when the mind is allowed to be still, consciousness can simply gaze upon itself, and Sat Chit Ananda is realized.

Pure being and consciousness are always present although they may not be recognized. And it is mostly the mind or ego which distracts us from the direct experience of this divine presence.

When the mind unwinds and becomes calmer, Bliss, Love and Happiness naturally arise.

They are not evoked. They are natural like light shining from the sun. The awakened one doesn't need to "think good thoughts" to feel good. Feeling good is our natural state when the mind is calm and open.

Ananda is so close. Letting go of the mind for a moment as we watch a sunset or a sunrise, Bliss arises naturally. So Ananda is as natural and inherent as Pure Being and Consciousness. Awakened ones simply have direct experience and knowledge of their absolute, untouched and eternal existence as Sat-Chit-Ananda, Pure Being-Consciousness-Bliss.

Letting go, and paying attention to what is always present naturally allows this divine life to overtake your existence.

Pure Being, Consciousness and Bliss are unavoidable.

It is more abundant than the air we breathe.

Sat-Chit-Ananda is and has always been your true nature.

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