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Teachings » The Subtleness of God

One reason we don't initially recognize and surrender to God is the subtleness of Divinity.

God is the whisper that is always present. And this presence goes unrecognized because of the constant loudness of mind, emotions, touch, and other senses.

Perhaps we have an image of the power of God being so strong that we won’t miss it when it arrives… But it has arrived. It has always been here.

So drop any belief of being suddenly overtaken by God or of a Flash of awakening. This is not necessary.

Simply recognize the Force that is always present. And no matter how subtle, nurture the recognition of the internal light.

This is like noticing and being thankful for the dawn of the day. You know that the sun is rising, and a new day is beginning. The dawn is subtle. It is a moment between darkness and light that we can acknowledge and be very thankful for.

The subtleness diminishes as we turn our attention to the Source. Turning your attention to Presence is like turning up the volume knob. It is like feeling the rising sun first strike your face in the morning and get warmer and warmer into the day.

And then we may turn our attention to thoughts and emotions, and the Source again becomes more subtle. It is a constant dance of awakened life.

Primary to this dance is Self recognition. This ability and desire to turn our attention back to the subtle sweetness of Self.

When attention on thoughts, and experiences becomes continuous we can even forget about the whispers of divine Presence calling us back Home. It is our responsibility to honor our awakening with regular return of our awareness to Source.

Know that the whisper calling us home may be subtle, but it is always there inviting us into the warmth of a new day.

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