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Teachings Take A Break

Isn't it great when you have had a hard day at work, and you finally get to take that much deserved break? Or when you have completed some large project and you decide to take a small vacation?

What needs the vacation?

In some cases the physical body may need a break. And in most cases, the mind needs a break. The mind needs to rest.

Many activities involve a need to be alert, focused and constantly thinking. And there is almost always a constriction of our energy when we are constantly focused. So resting is very important. It allows the constriction to release and our natural openness to become dominant again. The rejuvenation felt from resting the body is nothing like the rejuvenation arising from resting the mind.

So it is very healthy to make resting the mind a priority. And the more we rest the mind the better it is. There are countless moments throughout the day when we can rest the mind. To take only 30 seconds or a minute to allow the mind to rest, allow any constriction to fall away, and allow the heart to bathe us in love is a great blessing during a day. There is so much unnecessary thought throughout the day. Use some of this time to allow the mind to rest.

Allow the mind to move from the driver's seat to the passenger seat. Give it some time with no concerns. Let it rest.

The mind may resist at first. It may say, "No, I can keep driving. Im fine." Many minds have an addiction to the driver's seat. They think they need to be in control at all times. But eventually they will see that they are stronger and healthier when they rest.

And how do we allow the mind to rest. The mind thrives when we put our attention on our thoughts. So simply shift attention to something other than thought. Be careful not to label when attention is shifted, because this is a primary cause for reactivating the mind. So when we shift our attention to a plant, or the breath, or a feeling, and eventually to the constant presence of pure being, the mind can rest, as long as we don't start to label.

Allowing the mind to rest, doesn't mean going to sleep. Awareness is still very present. Awareness of inside the body and your surroundings is heightened. Feelings of peace and love may be heightened or perhaps less pleasant feelings that we may need to be aware of.

There is a delicate balance between mind and no-mind. As we allow the mind to rest, we bring this balance into greater ease and harmony, so mind and no-mind can coexist. Mind begins to freely move from passenger seat to driver's seat and back to passenger seat as needed.

So take a break.

Allow the mind to rest as often as possible.

And observe the sweet opening and rejuvenation that is always present when the mind rests.

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