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Teachings Ľ The Conditioned and Not Conditioned

Conditioning is the result of interaction and adaptation to internal and external experience.

The mind, the body, the emotions and personality are all conditioned. They have all formed in accordance with a lifetime of internal and external experiences.

Of course this makes each person very unique. And we usually identify this uniqueness as I. I am this person who has had these life experiences and has certain relationships with others, and qualifications and abilities and job titles. Of course, this is fine. This mind-body entity is a result of all these things. And with more life experiences, these things will be enhanced or diminished.

The difficulty arises in the full identification with the conditioned nature.

First of all, a life cannot be summed up in a few sentenced or even a memoir. This is all based on a perception of a life at best. Secondly, you are much more than this conditioned set of characteristics. And identifying more with your unconditioned nature brings so much softness, peace, love and healing into your life.

What nature is perception independent?

What nature exists without the mindís stories?

What nature is unconditioned?

What nature is universal and common to all?

This is explained in the statement "I am."

The pure presence at your core is unconditionable. As you spend time in recognition of the presence within, you will see that it is unchanged by any internal or external experience. There is always a peace and a power at the root of every moment in your life.

And this presence is completely independent of external events. It is unconditioned. As you spend time in recognition of the divine presence within you see that it is unchanged regardless of the external circumstances. The body can be healthy or sick. The mind and emotions can be agitated or at peace. And all the while, the silent awareness within is unchanged.

It is always here. You donít need to do anything to create it. It has always been the same.

Allow this divine, unconditioned presence to move from the background into the foreground of your life and you will come to know the vast, inherent strength and peace that is ALWAYS within you and free from ALL external and internal experience.

Unconditioned silent awareness.

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