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Gangaji was born in Texas in 1942 and raised in Mississippi.

In 1972 she moved to the San Francisco Bay area where she continued her quest practicing Zen and Vipassana meditation and working as an acupuncturist.

After praying for true help with all her heart, in 1990 she unexpectedly found her true nature in India, on the banks of the Ganga River with Sri H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji). She blessedly accepted the simple advice he gave. He asked her to STOP. And when she took a moment to be absolutely still, she realized her absolute being. Time with Papaji confirmed her true nature, and she began teaching shortly thereafter.

Her teaching is unusually direct, as she skillfully and relentlessly directs people to their core. She has many videos on her website where you can see her in action.

She currently lives in Ashland, Oregon and teaches around the world.


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Here is a recent article she submitted via email on the 2009 Winter Solstice:

Choose silence, and love is apparent

When we choose silence, we choose to give up the reasons not to love, which are the reasons for going to war, or continuing war, or separating, or being a victim, or being right. In a moment of silence, in a moment of no thought, no mind, we choose to give those up. This is what my teacher invited me to.

Just choose silence. Donít even choose love. Choose silence, and love is apparent. If we choose love we already have an idea of what love is.

But if you choose silence, that is the end of ideas. You are willing to have no idea, to see what is present when there is no idea, past, present, future. No idea of love, no idea of truth, no idea of you, no idea of me. Love is apparent.

Here is a selection of Gangajiís books, audio and videos:

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